Saturday, April 17, 2004

Muslim Nazi Genocide In Sudan

Islam Is Racism

  • Human Rights Watch: Sudan Jihad Approaches Scale of Rwanda Genocide

  • 2 Million Black Christians Dead, And Counting

  • Islam Is Racism

    Adr, Chad. April 4, 2004. 35 year old, Halima Yaya, escaped from Sildi in Sudan, after her village was overrun by Arab militia, the Janjaweed. 22 people, including her husband, were slaughtered. Nothwithstanding her serious injuries, she saved herself by playing dead. She reached Chad after a two day walk through the desert and is now being treated at the MSF (Medecins Sans Frontires - Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Adr

    Churchill on Jihad Slavery in The Sudan:

    “…all [of the Arab Muslim tribes in The Sudan], without exception, were hunters of men. To the great slave markets of Jeddah a continual stream of negro captives has flowed for hundreds of years. The invention of gunpowder and the adoption by the Arabs of firearms facilitated the traffic…Thus the situation in the Sudan for several centuries may be summed up as follows: The dominant race of Arab invaders was increasingly spreading its blood, religion, customs, and language among the black aboriginal population, and at the same time it harried and enslaved them…The warlike Arab tribes fought and brawled among themselves in ceaseless feud and strife. The negroes trembled in apprehension of capture, or rose locally against their oppressors.”

    Sir Winston Churchill, from The River War, first edition, Vol. I, pages 16-17 (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1899).


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