Saturday, September 25, 2004

Almost All Arabs Support Terrorism

Via LGF: The BBC says Arabs ambivalent over hostage crisis, but the article itself contradicts the absurd headline. In a phone poll on Al Jazeera, 93% supported the kidnapping and murder of infidels.

In the programme The Opposite Direction a fiercely anti-American political analyst, Talat Rumayh, faced off against an Iraqi politician, Karim Badr.

Mr Rumayh claimed that the kidnappers were Iraqi resistance fighters and compared the number of their victims to the thousands of Iraqis, who had been killed:

“Two thousand people have been killed since the beginning of the attack on Falluja, which was dismissed in one report, one line or just a couple of words... while we keep hearing about the hostages. It’s the hostages and the terrorists, always the terrorists,” he said.

Karim Badr responded by saying all Iraq was disgraced by the beheadings.

“We have to prove our humanity. I am addressing my brethren in Iraq: These are masked creatures that resemble humans, who I am certain are uglier than their deeds,” he said. “Is the killing of people and exploding cars in the streets an act of resistance? Is the kidnapping and murder of people in this manner an act of resistance? I am certain they do not represent the Iraqi conscience in any way at all.”

Viewers were unmoved. In a phone poll 93% supported the kidnappings.


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