Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Anti-Christian Fundamentalists

Don Feder: Anti-Christian Fundamentalists

The Democrats have an entrenched anti-religious worldview. I speak here not of rank-and-file Democratic voters (who often are blue-collar Catholics and black evangelicals), but the party’s radicalized leadership.

Like the good liberals they are, Democrats see traditional religion as an impediment to human happiness and progress. Religious voters they view as an impediment to their quest for power.

Religious voters (defined as those who attend services weekly) tend to be patriotic, pro-defense, and in favor of limited government and judicial restraint – not exactly residents of blue country. Thus the most reliable Republican base is the Bible-belt. For Democrats, it’s the secularized coasts, where church attendance is lowest.

The party of Gore and Reich doesn’t go quite as far as an incendiary website, www.churcharson.com, but the same contempt for “religiosity” animates all three.

Apparently based in McLean, Virginia, www.churcharson.com advocates burning down houses of worship as “one way people get involved with activism to end the abusive practices of Judeo-Christian religions (and nations such as Israel).”

It calls Judaism and Christianity “forms of mind control,” and predicts that as “the façade of control in the hands of organized religion is breaking… we will be closer to our goal of burning down the last temple and shattering the last church. The next thousand years are ours.”

It reminds me of another gang that thought its rule would last 1,000 years. As they helped destroy synagogues on Kristallnacht, Adolf’s Adolescent Auxiliary sang: “We are joyous Hitler Youth. We have no need of Christian virtue. Our leader is our savior. The pope and rabbi shall be gone. We shall be pagans again.”

Or, at the very least, Democrats.


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