Monday, September 27, 2004

Arafat Calls For Bigley's Release

Arafat (may his name and memory be obliterated) is smart enough to realize that British public support is still behind the terrorists and Jihadis. If Zarqawi (may his name and memory be obliterated) beheads Bigley for every solipsistic and selfish Brit to see, it would definitely sway British public opinion to be more in line with America. And this of course will ultimately lead to his own demise, so it's his own self-interest at stake: Arafat joins call to have Bigley released.

Palestinian [sic] leader Yasser Arafat has written a letter in a bid to have British hostage Kenneth Bigley released by his Iraqi captors.

Mr Bigley's family has mounted a large scale campaign to have the 62-year-old engineer freed, calling upon Prime Minister Tony Blair to do more to secure his release.

His brother Paul said the letter is the result of negotiations by Ireland's foreign affairs spokesman Michael D Higgins to have Mr Bigley freed.

Mr Higgins called for his release on the grounds that he is the son of an Irish citizen and that the Irish stance on the war in Iraq is very different to that of Britain and the US.

Ireland's prime minister Bertie Ahern has also called for Mr Bigley to be freed. He described Mr Bigley, whose mother, Lil, was born in Dublin, as an ordinary working man.

Mr Bigley was seized along with two Americans by the Tawhid and Jihad organisation, a group headed by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who are demanding that all Iraqi women prisoners be released from US jails in Iraq.
There are only five female prisoners in Iraq, two of which are Dr. Germ and Dr. Anthrax.


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