Monday, September 20, 2004

Crusader War College Adds Modern Crusader To Blogroll

The Crusader Army of holy warrior monks is being formed: Welcome to Modern Crusader. May the LORD God Almighty bless our Crusader and Zionist holy warrior brothers.

I have added The Modern Crusader to the side-bar. Looks like he has a wealth of resources and pointers I'll have to read. Good to see others realising that the Crusader spirit, properly updated and informed, is sorely needed in our day.

I'm also pleased to see that he properly views the battle as being primarily one centering on religion. My argument will always be that strictly secular observers, commentators, and participants will only see part of the picture because they don't want to factor in religion: They THINK they know enough about religion in general to make an accurate assessment of any and all religions. However, satisfying the requirements of religiously bigoted college professors is one thing, while Reality is an entirely different realm. Dubya's assertion that Islam is a "religion of peace" is not, however, the reflection of a moron, but of a religious man totally aware and intimately familiar with the power of religion to inspire and motivate people. Openly saying the obvious would have, for the moment, been satisfying to us, but in the long run would have foreclosed options that, as the President, he decided he would vitally need later. The man is a Texan who plays a mean hand of poker. NOT the sort of guy I'd want to have sitting across the table from me as I deal out the cards...


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