Saturday, September 25, 2004

EUrabia Models Itself On Vonnegut's Dystopia

The Nazi Socialist dystopia portrayed in Kurt Vonnegut's short story Harrison Bergeron is now a reality in the EUrabian Fourth Reich: EU bans girl-only ads (Hat tip: Uzi)

WOMEN will no longer be able to advertise for same-sex flatmates under new EU equality laws.

The rulings will make it an offence for home-owners to stipulate whether they want men or women in their houses.

Critics fear it will spark a shortage of accommodation if widows, divorcees and groups of singles drop plans to take in lodgers.

And they claim hostels for battered women will be forced to take in MEN as well as women.

The plan is part of a European Commission anti-discrimination directive.

The commission insists the ruling, which bans all forms of discrimination, “must be ensured in all areas”.

But yesterday furious peers warned the rules go too far.

A report by the House of Lords EU Committee warned the laws were unworkable and demanded exemptions for women’s refuges and people letting rooms.

And Tory deregulation spokesman John Redwood said: “This is another unwanted piece of business from the EU.

“It will mean less accommodation on the market and more women worried about safety.

“The EU should grow up and learn to trust people to live their own lives as they choose.”

The laws would also force careful women drivers to pay hundreds of pounds more for their car insurance.

Many pay up to 40 per cent less than men because they have fewer crashes. And they get cheaper life insurance because they live longer.

But the anti-sexism regulations would force the financial services industry to treat women the same as men.


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