Monday, September 20, 2004

"Fake But Accurate" CBS News Goes Schizophrenic

When news oraganizations start issuing press releases about themselves in the third person you start to understand exactly why Sumner Redstone sold 341,500 shares of Viacom B. (VIA.B) the day after Dan Rather lied. Here's the article that CBS has released about itself in the third person: CBS Plans New Memos Statement. (Via LGF)

(CBS/AP)CBS News planned Monday to issue a statement about documents purporting to show President Bush neglected some duties when he was in the National Guard more than 30 years ago.

The authenticity of the documents — four memoranda attributed to one of Mr. Bush’s Guard commanders, Lt. Col. Jerry Killian — has been under fire since they were described in a Sept. 8 broadcast of 60 Minutes.

According to The Washington Post, the network plans to say it was misled about the authenticity of the documents.

The New York Times reports that CBS News officials met Sunday evening with anchor Dan Rather, the reporter of the contested story, to discuss the network’s next steps.

CBS sources confirm that the network plans to issue a statement but would not comment on its content. Additional reporting on the documents dispute will air on Monday’s CBS Evening News.

It was not clear if the network planned to apologize, the Post reported.
And here is an article about "Fake But Accurate Culture."


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