Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry Meltdown Watch

Via LGF: Someone has been unilaterally ignoring our EUrabian "allies" again. Yesterday, the EUrabian Fourth Reich said they would not send troops to Iraq if Jean Forbes Kerry is elected President, God forbid: No French or German turn on Iraq. But today Jean Forbes Kerry continues to rehash the same lies and propaganda: Kerry says he would seek nations' input on Iraq.

SPRING GREEN, Wis. -- Senator John F. Kerry set some new markers for his diplomatic skills yesterday, saying that as president he would immediately convene a summit of all European and Arab heads of state "to figure out how together we're going to assume the burdens" of Iraq and proposing that another country could provide a base for training Iraqi security forces.

Kerry, taking questions from an invitation-only audience of Wisconsin voters, said "cutting and running" in Iraq would never be an option if he is commander in chief.

He said his proposed summit also would include searching for common ground to solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and cut off Arab support for terrorist groups.

Kerry drew a standing ovation when he hit back at critics of his decision to join the antiwar movement after returning from Vietnam.


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