Tuesday, September 28, 2004

King Abdullah: Elections Are Impossible

(In the spirit of ScrappleFace and based on this article)

Jordan's King Abdullah II said in an interview published Tuesday that if elections are held in Jordan amid the current monarchy, monarchists will be the victors, and he warned that he sees no chance for improvement in Jordan in the short term.

"Elections are impossible because Jordan is a monarchy and I am the monarch."

Abdullah, who met with President Jacques Chirac in Paris on Tuesday, told the daily Le Figaro that it "seems impossible to organize indisputable elections in the monarchy of Jordan today."

"If elections take place in the current monarchy, the best organized faction will be the monarchists," Abdullah said. "The results will reflect this advantage of the monarchists. In such a scenario, there will be no chance that the situation gets better."

"I very sincerely hope that the elections will be able to take place. In Iraq not in Jordan."


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