Thursday, September 23, 2004

Liberal Journalists Are From Mars

Catherine Seipp: Liberal Journalists Are From Mars. (Via: LGF)

One of the footnotes of Rathergate is the disconnect between liberals and anyone to the right of, well, them. Take the general media reaction to Charles Johnson, the Los Angeles web designer and former jazz musician who typed up those CBS "memos" in Microsoft Word and still displays the damning result at the top of his Little Green Footballs blog.

At best, the reaction is patronizing and dismissive — e.g., well what can we expect from a Republican? (Although, for the record, Johnson never voted for a GOP candidate until Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor in the 2003 California recall election.) At worst — and far more common in the left-wing blogsophere — his site is described, as in this Daily Kos post, as "simply a dung heap of racist panic."

Johnson's "racist" crime is that prior to the CBS fiasco, he was best known for doggedly pointing out the nature of the enemy; one of his first posts returning to this theme after Rathergate was a link to a story about a Bangladesh madrassah teacher who chopped off the ears of 17 students for not reading their textbooks loudly enough.

The Left can find acknowledging this sort of thing offensive because, as I wrote in a Wall Street Journal piece earlier this month, it's an article of faith among those who dread the president's reelection that the Christian Right in George W. Bush's America is at least as dangerous as international Islamic radicals. Never mind that the latter are rather more prone to violence than the former. What's really frightening, the conventional wisdom goes, is the crudely intolerant agenda of Christian fundamentalists.


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