Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Modern Crusader Allies Posting On Little Green Footballs

Apparently some of our fellow holy warrior Crusader brothers have been posting on Little Green Footballs because according to Marshall on Daily Kos the following was posted in the comments section by "newsonterr":

Now let's roll with Western Private Militias against the Terrorists

We have had enough with the beheadings of Western Professionals who are in Iraq to help re-build that country. The beheadings of Armstrong and Hensley and many others like Berg, Pearl in the past is a harbinger of worse things to come in the Middle East. All American professionals, diplomats and marines are in danger of being hacked one after the other and all of them need to go on the offensive. The question is HOW?

There are thousands of Western professionals scattered all across the Middle East. In the given circumstances, we have two options. To cut and run, or take the war into the enemy camp. The time has come to think and act on unorthodox lines. Western and more so American professionals should team up with US marines, diplomats and CIA operatives located across the globe and form informal secretive partisan cells to share technology selectively to cause napalm and scaled neutron explosions in the most notorious mosques across the globe during Friday prayers when most of the terrorists gather to listen to the incitement of the Mullahs. Get them when they are at the game of inciting and getting incited.

In New York good targets to begin with are the Jersey City Mosque at 539 Bergen Avenue, the Islamic Center of Asbury Park at 209 Bond Street, the American Islamic Academy at 110 Harrison Street, Boonton, and the Masjid Al Haqq at 689 Springfield Avenue, Newark. And in London we can start with the Finsbury Park mosque of the notorious Muslim cleric Abu Hamza, the Brixton Mosque in south London whose imam Abdullah el-Faisal, was convicted of soliciting murder and three charges involving stirring up racial hatred. Blowing up Muslim marchers in Western cities and also the peaceniks is also a good idea.
We agree with the list of targets. However we would add to that list the Madina Masjid on 11th St. and 1st. Avenue. Charles has since deleted the link because he is an agnostic infidel.

UPDATE: I just got banned from Little Green Footballs.

UPDATE: NewsOnTerror is an atheist infidel.


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