Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Orwellian Newspeak At Neo-Nazi Hate Site "Daily Kos"

The Neo-Nazi hate site Daily Kos run by the racist fascist ideologue Markos Zuniga, who famously said "screw them" when Americans had their heads chopped off in Iraq, now has an insane rant about Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. Reading Daily Kos reminds me of the Nazi Partei magazine Der Stürmer: AOL, Wall St. Journal Advertising on Little Green Footballs

Perhaps one of the most pernicious and evil spots on the Internet these days is Little Green Footballs.

LGF used to be a right-wing political blog, but is now simply a dung heap of racist panic, where anti-Arab and anti-Muslim screeds are not only welcomed in user comments, but trumpeted constantly in main page entries by the site operators.


First of all, no one who watches "Sex and the City" is going to be reading LGF.

LGF is for mentally-ill sadists who live in the basement of Mom's house in the suburbs and own porn videos that feature the (simulated, hopefully) mutilation of women. It's for teenaged guys who read Soldier of Fortune and fantasize about spending their summers "slithering around on their bellies in Survivalist camps in Idaho." It's for people who wished the Klan was still around and influential, for people who used to like David Duke but hate him now that he's sympathetic to Palestine, for people who thought the Columbine massacre was "a good thing that they wish they had been in on."

In short: LGF is sicko-ville deluxe. And irredeemably so. This is Stormfront stuff.

The LGF guys are the kind of guys who would think an AK-47 is the only answer to girls like "Carrie" from "Sex and the City."

Think I'm exaggerating? Check the comments on LGF sometime and view the splendor of people eaten up from the inside by total hate. This is Aryan Nations material.

We tend to think of the Bush Administration as being right-wing, but even they would recognize LGF for the steaming pile of crap it is and not go anywhere near it, simply for fear of being fouled by the odor and moral disease emanating from it.

Now, I have no problem with AOL Time Warner advertising on that silly Instapundit site, or Opinion Journal itself, or on RedState.org or any number of other right-leaning or Republican-sympathetic blogs. But advertising on LGF is like advertising on Stormfront or an Aryan Nations webpage.
Markos Zuniga is a racist fascist who lives in his own world but really no different from any other Demokrat Partei stürmfuhrer.


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