Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pajamahideen Declare Holy War

I learned a new word today: pajamahideen. This is how anti-jihadist holy-warbloggers and lgf lizardoids now refer to themselves, after comments made that right-wing bloggers blogged in their pajamas: The Blogosphere and the Pajamaheddin

Just at that moment one of the CBS apparatchiks, one Jonathan Klein, chose to coin a woefully contagious phrase. He attacked the blogosphere as guys sitting in their living rooms in their pajamas. The Web picked this up with unholy glee. Pajama cartoons spread across the airwaves. Somebody coined the term "the Pajamaheddin" for the bloggers, who had accepted the insult as joyfully as the rebel Impressionists had accepted their own (originally hostile) sobriquet. The blogosphere had identified itself, and named itself, and provided itself with a new Trickster identity; and its apostles would have to live up to their chosen character as the gadflies of the truth, the guerrillas of the ugly fact.


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