Saturday, October 23, 2004

Canada's Kahane Youth Movement

Excellent news from Canada last week. Canada has a Kahane Youth movement led by 21 year old Kevin Haas. He calls his cell "Full Blooded Israelis Brigades." Canada's Bolshevik authorities have arrested the youth leader: Non-student is a suspect in hate crimes at Ryerson U.

In the first incident, "Die Muslim Die" was spray-painted in the school's multifaith prayer room.

Pamphlets threatening the president of the Muslim association were distributed.

In August, pamphlets were posted on at least four campus bulletin boards with the phrase: "The Islamic infidels have no belonging in Toronto and in the world at all . . . we ask that whenever you spot a Muslim . . . that you beat them and cause harm to them. Kill these Islamic infidels."

Last Thursday evening, a letter was slipped under the door of the Arab and Muslim student offices. According to an officer of the association, it read "Those who follow Islam need to be killed in the worst possible way imaginable."
Arrested for threats

Haas travelled to Israel this past summer and also started attending an Orthodox synagogue because he felt that conservative temples are becoming too reformed.

Moyer's investigation of the hate literature and threats at Ryerson leads back to last summer, when the campus was vandalized with anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic graffiti. Racist posters were also found scattered throughout Jorgenson Hall.

Late last June, the words "Die Muslim Die" and the Star of David were spray painted outside Ryerson's Multifaith Centre. Towards the end of July, hateful flyers were posted in Jorgenson by a group calling itself "FBC Ridaz." In the flyers, the group took responsiblity for the previous month's graffiti.

Another group posted hate literature that read: "The Islamic infidels have no belonging in Toronto and in the world at all. Islam is a disease that has made its way into the world and it must be eradicated." This group called itself the "Full Blooded Israelis Brigades."
Prediction: Kevin Hass is the future Prime Minister of Canada.


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