Saturday, October 23, 2004

Communists For Kerry And NYPW Update

So the final meeting of Communists For Kerry was this afternoon at Union Square and afterwards we went to the Wendy's corporation. I found out that Tom Palladino got the boot as New York Chapter Leader of Protest Warrior. Everytime I would call him I would get his voicemail and he never returned my calls. Anyway, in are Jason (Che) and Little Rob who is one of the funniest and smartest (smart assed) 19 year olds I've ever met. We were in the elevator with Congressman Rick Lazio (R-NY) and Rob goes, "Now that we've got you alone in the elevator, do you think Governor Jim McGreevy is a giver or a taker?" Rob also has great video of Stuart Smalley making bigoted antichristian remarks towards us.

Expect good things from the New York chapter of Protest Warrior. We are highly motivated. Future targets are the Iranian Embassy and the United Nazi Nations.


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