Saturday, October 02, 2004

Demokrat Partei Brown Shirts Gloat Over Stuffed Post Debate Polls

Charles Johnson: McAuliffe's Poll-Stuffing Paid Off.

Terry McAuliffe’s media blitz campaign succeeded in stuffing the ballot boxes of many online polls.

Yes, online and in action, using laughably simple techniques to trick the mainstream media’s absolutely meaningless internet polls, vote multiple times, and inflate the numbers beyond all reality. And boasting about it to the whole world, as if it were something to be proud of.

Hooray for the Democrats!
UPDATE: Washinton Post Slams Democrat Poll Stuffing

Not many readers responded so enthusiastically to Mr. McAuliffe as to give us their reviews before the debate took place, but many began weighing in during and after the debate; certain phrases began cropping up again and again.

Now, we love to hear from readers, and we admire the sincerity and passion of anyone who wants to get involved in the political process. But our goal is to present a sampling of genuine reader opinion, not to become one more battlefield in the spin wars raging all around. And we especially like to hear from readers who can think and write for themselves.


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