Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Edwards Creates New Bush Voters

By United We Stand: Why John Edwards Has Crossed The Line For Me....

I feel compelled to write this column because I am in a unique position to understand both sides of the stem cell debate. I have a hunch that the majority of you out there have taken something that Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards said recently with a grain of salt, and have thought nothing more of it. I don’t fault you for that; it’s an issue that probably doesn’t have an affect on your life at the present time. It is however an issue that has affected me for the 20 plus years of my life. Moreover, it has run my life for the past 20 plus years.

Yesterday on the campaign trail in Iowa, John Edwards made the following statement to a group of Kerry / Edwards supporters, obviously prompted by the sudden and tragic death of movie actor Christopher Reeve.

“When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again”

There are two facets about this statement that I find disgusting and generally reprehensible. The lesser of the two evils is the fact that John Edwards continues to do what he does best, exploit the sick and afflicted. He has made a personal career out of it and has taken this despicable practice with him on the campaign trail, specifically, politicizing the tragic death of Christopher Reeve for the advancement of the Kerry / Edwards campaign. While some of you may think his statement was a tribute to Reeves, a way to bring his cause into the spotlight, a common knowledge of stem cell research would tell you that John Edwards just made the biggest “fubar” of his political career, and offended millions of Americans with disabilities in the process.

The overall tone of the statement by John Edwards is what enraged me the most. Enraged me to the point that my blood was boiling, my hands were trembling and I couldn’t even think straight. I have since calmed down, and decided that my rage would be best put to use by letting you know what affect that statement has on a person in my situation.

For the 20 plus years of my life, the best doctors in the country have told me that, even with advanced research such as stem cells, I will probably not see a cure for my disease in this lifetime. Privately funded stem cell research has been going on for some time now. To this very day, scientists have been unable to prove that stem cells would cause the spinal chord to regenerate thus curing certain spinal chord injuries or diseases. Specialists in the medical field know this, and have been correctly informing their patients of this for some time now. While I continue to hope for advances in technology and medicine, I am not ignorant to the fact that these things take time and I may suffer my ailment for the remainder of my life.

Enter Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards. The young and relatively inexperienced politician who made millions of dollars from doctors, nurses and hospitals based on the findings of what most people call “junk science.” A trial lawyer that was able to win court cases by pulling on heart strings, not relying on scientific facts. John Edwards has taken the reality given to us by expert doctors for decades, and thrown it out the window to further his campaign and politicize a recently deceased American. John Edwards knows that his statement is completely false and not even within the grasps of modern medicine today. Yet he continues to talk to Americans as if he is talking to a panel of ignorant jurors in the courtroom.

John Edwards has made the statement that if John Kerry were elected for the next Presidential term, that severely handicapped individuals would get up out of their wheelchairs and walk based on his stem cell research policies.

In my opinion, John Edwards is a disgusting, repulsive, despicable human being. Preying on the false hopes of the innocently ignorant to gain votes is inexcusable. As much as I hate to admit it, there will be people out there that hear this rhetoric and take it as truth. There will be those so desperate for a glimmer of hope that they will believe John Edwards statement and vote for the Kerry / Edwards ticket. This is what John Edwards is depending on. This is why John Edwards makes statements such as this knowing full well they are not true. John Edwards truly believes that if he pulls on American’s heart strings long enough, that he can get away with anything. He did for years and years with millions and millions of dollars to show for it.

While I too hope for a day when my spinal chord disease will be cured, by stem cell research or other methods, I have a message for John Edwards:

I am not one of you’re ignorant jurors. Your method of pulling on the heart strings and the decency of Americans will not work on me. I will do everything in my power to expose you for the fraud you are and make sure you never take office in the White House. Your statement implies that within a single presidential term, an administration has the power to retract a lifelong illness or keep that illness in place. This is the most ridiculous notion I have heard from either campaign to date, and by far the most offensive. I have waited 20 plus years for a cure to my spinal chord disease and cannot fathom why you would promise Americans that they will walk again under your administration.

While I am only one man with one vote in this election, I pray that I am not the only one that sees how deceitful and despicable the Vice Presidential Candidate is. Although I realize the Vice President is not as important as the President, this is a direct reflection upon how this campaign is run as the Kerry / Edwards ticket.

Regardless of your personal feelings for the Bush Administration, please at least consider what I have said in this column and rethink the type of person you are electing into a very important office.
Christopher Reeve was a true baby killer activist. I pray for his family and hope for the best, but the fact is had this anti-religous bigot and leftist activist got his selfish agenda inacted, this country would be paticipating in genocide of human beings, taking life to save life...well I guess God gave Christopher an answer...your life before millions of children's.

UPDATE: Edwards Stem Cell Remarks Spur Mullah Omar's Surrender. (Via Scrappleface)

(2004-10-12) -- Mullah Omar, the one-eyed Muslim cleric and top deputy of Usama bin Laden, announced today that he was inspired by John Edwards remarks about stem cell research and he will surrender to the United States during the Kerry administration so he can get a new eyeball.

"I'm tired of being described as 'the one-eyed' cleric," said Mr. Omar through a translator. "President Kerry will divert the billions now wasted in Iraq to fund stem cell research that will cure all diseases, make the lame to walk and the blind to see. And that's just during his first term."

The one-eyed cleric's remarks came after Democrat vice presidential candidate Edwards today promised the Kerry administration would use stem cells from human embryos to make people like the late Christopher Reeve ambulatory again.

"As an inmate in a federal penitentiary, Mr. Omar will certainly have the finest healthcare in the free world," said Mr. Edwards, who is also a U.S. Senator. "And thanks to the miracle of embryonic stem cells, he'll have two working eyeballs which he can use to study American law books as he prepares his appeal in the prison library."


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