Saturday, October 09, 2004

Egypt: Bombers Came From Jordan Or Saudi

Shocking. Even though the mainstream left-wing establishment media has stopped covering Egypt's first terrorist attack in 7 years, the Israeli media and the American pajamahideen are on the case: Egypt: Bombers came from Jordan or Saudi. (Hat tip: LGF)

TABA, Egypt

Investigators lifted fingerprints, swabbed dust and collected tissue from the sites of three car bombings Saturday and detained dozens of Bedouin tribesmen, including quarry workers who could have provided the explosives that killed at least 34 people.

Egyptian investigators said they suspect that a group of eight to 10 terrorists targeting Israelis carried out the Thursday night attacks, possibly slipping in from Saudi Arabia or Jordan on speed boats.

Israel has blamed al-Qaida for the attacks. The Egyptian investigators are leaning toward an al-Qaida connection as well, saying a local sleeper cell may have been awakened to carry out the attacks, Egypt's first terrorist strike in seven years.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, they said such a group would almost certainly be linked to Ayman al-Zawahri, who led the Egyptian Islamic Jihad before merging his group with al-Qaida in 1998. The Egypt-born Zawahri is now bin Laden's top deputy.


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