Wednesday, October 13, 2004

G-d Punishes Self-Hating Jews Who Give Tourist Dollars To Muslim Nazi Egypt

Chaim Ben Pesach: G-d Punishes Self-Hating Jews Who Give Tourist Dollars To Muslim Nazi Egypt.

Last week, Muslim Nazi terrorists set off bombs at hotels filled with Israeli tourists in the Egyptian-occupied Sinai Peninsula.

The self-hating Jewish tourists are a huge source of income for Muslim Nazi Egypt, which uses their money to build up Egypt's military in preparation for an eventual war to destroy Israel.

Self-hating Jewish tourist dollars also fund Egypt's massive population boom in which 1.5 million Egyptian Muslim babies are born each year. Without foreign tourist dollars, U.S. foreign aid, massive U.S. and European "loans" that are never repaid, and the export of Sinai oil, the Egyptians would literally be starving to death and would be unable to sustain any population increase, let alone their current population boom.

In the 1948 War of Independence, when the Jewish State was resurrected after 2,000 years of nightmarish exile, Egypt's population was 20 million. Today, Egypt's population is well over 70 million.

Every penny given to Egypt and all other Muslim nations finances the Islamic Nazi population boom that if left unchecked will eventually swallow up not only tiny Israel, but also Europe and America.

On the day of the Muslim terrorist attacks, there were over 10,000 self-hating Israeli Jews giving their tourist dollars to the Egyptian Nazis in the Sinai.

In 1979, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin of the left-wing Likud Party agreed to surrender the entire Sinai to Muslim Nazi Egypt in exchange for a "peace" treaty that was not worth the paper it was written on. Israel had liberated the vast Sinai in the 1967 Six Day War. The Sinai was three times the size of the rest of the State of Israel. Thus, Israel shrunk to only one-fourth of her original size after the insane Sinai retreat.

Since Israel's lunatic retreat from the Jewish Sinai - a retreat which took place in three stages from 1979 to 1982 - evil Israeli Jewish tourists have given billions of tourist dollars to Muslim Nazi Egypt.

Despite the laughable Egypt-Israel "peace" treaty, Egypt never ended its genocidal Islamic war to destroy Israel. Hundreds of innocent Jewish men, women and children have been brutally murdered with weapons that the Egyptian military smuggles to the PLO terrorists through tunnels along the Sinai-Gaza District border.

The self-hating Israeli Jews know this, and yet they still want to give their money to the murderous Egyptian Muslims.

Egypt's regime-controlled news media daily exhorts Muslims to hate and murder all Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims.

Self-hating Israeli Jews know about the Nazi hatemongering of the Egyptian news media - it has been widely reported on in Israel on numerous occasions - yet these evil Jews insist upon giving their money to the Egyptians who have rivers of Jewish blood on their hands and who dream of exterminating the entire Jewish people.

The self-hating Israeli Jews love to gamble at the Sinai casinos. Under Egyptian law, Muslims are not allowed to gamble at the Sinai casinos because gambling is a decadent vice that weakens and destroys souls. Only Jews and Christians are permitted to gamble in the Sinai because the Egyptians want to weaken and destroy Jewish and Christian souls.

None of this bothers the self-hating Jewish tourists. Not only Israeli Jewish tourists, but large numbers of Jewish tourists from America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Many Jewish tourist agencies offer special package deals where Jews can visit Israel, Muslim Nazi Egypt and Muslim Nazi Jordan all on one trip.

The huge number of Jews who visit other Jew-hating Islamic nations such as Muslim Nazi Turkey and Muslim Nazi Morocco is equally nauseating to any Jew who has an ounce of self-respect, honor or morality.

The Islamic religion commands all Muslims to either forcibly convert or physically annihilate all non-Muslims. The Koran preaches fanatic Hitlerian hatred against Jews and Christians in particular. Why would any Jew want to give tourist dollars to the followers of such a vicious, Jew-hating Nazi doctrine as Islam?

Over the years, JTF has introduced its many loyal readers to the beautiful, idealistic and heroic Jewish pioneers of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District). These magnificent Jewish trailblazers represent the great and noble side of modern Israel - a side brimming with courage, self-sacrifice, faith, devotion and genuine love.

But there is another side of modern Israel.

The self-hating Israeli Jewish tourists represent the ugly side of modern Israel - unprincipled, immoral, selfish, materialistic, cowardly, hedonistic, egotistical and faithless.

The leader of the self-hating Jews - both literally and figuratively - is left-wing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of the left-wing Likud Party.

These self-haters are the Jews who constantly demand "peace" at any price.

In reality, when they prattle about "peace," what they actually want is the ability to live their selfish, immoral, materialistic, hedonistic, faithless and corrupt lives without any interference.

They want to be able to make money dealing with the devil himself without being lectured by Torah-true Jews about morality. And so they desperately want trade deals with Arab Muslim Nazi nations that seek Israel's destruction, and with European Nazi nations who also desire the demise of the Jewish people. In order to get that lucrative trade, the Arabs and the Europeans tell them, they must first convince Israel to make suicidal concessions.

The self-hating Jews respond to this Jew-hating demand by mobilizing Israel's politicians, news media, educational establishment, entertainment industry and multinational corporate elite in an all-out campaign to persuade Israel to commit national suicide by creating an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha.

There is no limit to the wicked immorality of these self-hating Jews both in Israel and in the Galut (the Exile or the lands outside of Israel).

"I would deal with Hitler as long as the check clears," self-hating Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein once explained.

The self-hating Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz has said that he would have represented Hitler and gotten him acquitted.

"I respect and admire Yasser Arafat," Israeli Knesset (Parliament) member Omri Sharon, Ariel Sharon's son, said in an interview with the British Jew-hating newspaper, The Guardian.

For their personal enrichment, or personal power and ego, or their fleeting momentary pleasures at a Muslim Nazi casino in the Sinai, these self-hating Jews spill the blood of their fellow Jews, commit chillul HaShem (desecration of G-d's Name), and knowingly endanger the very survival of Israel and the Jewish people.

The evil Jews who were attacked in the Sinai spent the sacred Jewish holiday of Shmini Atzeret gambling at Sinai casinos that finance Israel's murderous Arab Muslim Nazi enemies.

G-d in His infinite mercy even had Israel's intelligence agencies issue public warnings to Jews not to go to the Sinai or to Egypt because of strong indications of pending Muslim terrorist attacks.

The self-hating Jews ignored the warnings, refusing to allow such things to interfere with their plans to have "fun" in their empty, worthless, disgusting lives.

Following the slaughter of at least 14 Israelis in the Sinai (the number may rise in the days after the writing of this article), Sharon praised Muslim Nazi Egypt's "cooperation" in the war against terrorism.

In fact, Israeli rescue workers bitterly complained that Egyptian soldiers and police prevented them - at gunpoint - from saving Jewish victims buried in the rubble. The Israeli rescuers were only allowed access to the site after the trapped Jews had died. Meanwhile, Muslim rescuers boasted of only being interested in rescuing injured Muslims.

"I would kill every one of these Jews with my bare hands if I could," the head of the Egyptian rescue team told his Israeli counterpart.

Thousands of Jewish tourists who returned to their hotel rooms after the Muslim terrorist attacks found all of their clothing and valuables stolen.

No matter how many Jews are murdered, no matter how many bombs go off, no matter how many wars are launched, no matter how many times the Muslim world proves that all followers of Islam are required to seek Israel's extermination - none of these things will be allowed to disrupt the grand illusion of the self-hating Jews that appeasement, cowardice and surrender are the solution.

Who offers tiny Israel the real solution?

Only the Hilltop Youth and Baruch Marzel's Chayil (Valor) Party.

JTF is proud to be the main U.S. fundraiser for the Hilltop Youth and the Chayil Party, who will be leading the massive non-violent resistance to Sharon's suicidal plan to retreat from the G-d-given Jewish Biblical lands of the Gaza District and northern Samaria.


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