Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Global War On Christians

Glen Chancey: Bush’s Global War on Christians. (Hat tip: Harvester)

Despite their manifest anger towards him, most Christian conservatives will turn out in force to support President Bush on November 2nd. They will do so for a mixture of reasons, but above all what keeps so many Christian conservatives on the Republican reservation is the ‘War on Terror.’ There is a belief, widespread among Christian conservatives, that the ‘War on Terror’ is really a ‘Clash of Civilizations.’ Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, although himself a conservative Jew, summed up the views of many Christian conservatives quite succintly in one of his articles posted on the Internet. He wrote, "It is time that I said in print what I have long felt in my heart: I not only support President Bush, I revere him. At a time when so many other world leaders want to paint Sept. 11 as a terror attack, President Bush saw it for what it was: a clash of civilizations, a war to the death between two systems – one open, democratic and respectful of human life, the other oppressive, tyrannical and deeply contemptible of human life."

The ‘War on Terror’ then is not just about keeping the borders of the United States secure. It is not simply about preventing future terrorist attacks. Rather, the ‘War on Terror’ is the ultimate showdown of Christianity (and Judaism) versus Islam. It is a fight to the finish, and George W. Bush is our Richard the Lionhearted, leading the armies of the Cross, allied with those of the Star of David, to glorious victory.

In this apocalyptic setting, the vast majority of Christian conservatives are backing President George Bush because they sincerely believe that, "Something must be done about the Muslim threat!" To these religious conservatives, George Bush is willing to go on the offensive and strike back in the name of God and country. They fear that John Kerry will surrender to the Muslims, and allow Western Civilization to be overrun a la Constantinople in 1453.

"Forget all of Bush’s flaws," Christian conservatives bellow, "At least he’s willing to fight!"

So, is our glorious president leading the Christian World in a great struggle against the Muslim hordes? If he were, then a reasonable outcome of this ‘Clash’ would be that the position of Christian (and Jewish) populations worldwide would be in the process of becoming more secure.

This is, alas, absolutely not happening. In fact, the current policies of the Bush administration are threatening to absolutely devastate ancient and pious Christian communities whose blood will be on all our heads. To deal with the subject honestly, it must be acknowledged that it almost appears as if President George Walker Bush were waging a global war against Christians.


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