Monday, October 11, 2004

Heinz Kerry: No Blood For Oil

"Billionairehead" Theresa Heinz Kerry still thinks the Quran is about oil: Heinz Kerry Says Husband Would Be Cautious. (Hat tip: LGF)

McALLEN, Texas - The wife of presidential candidate John Kerry told a receptive audience in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that Kerry would seek out all other options before going to war.

“John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil,” Teresa Heinz Kerry told about 1,200 supporters at the McAllen Civic Center.

She said her husband, as president, would be able to approach the families of slain soldiers and say, “’I did everything I could to prevent this, I’m sorry.’ ”

“Diplomacy is not about, ‘I’m telling you.’ Diplomacy is about, ‘what do you think?’” Heinz Kerry said. “If you cannot have respect for the other side, you cannot have diplomacy.”
As the agnostic infidel Lizardoid King writes, "she owns a private jet, a power yacht, five mansions, and a fleet of bloodthirsty Secret Service SUVs is kept running night and day outside their Beacon Hill palace" so it's easy to see why she thinks everything is about oil.


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