Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kerry (Dumb) & Kerrey (Dumber)

Here are the low points of Tim Russert's interview with the traitor Bob Kerrey on Meet The Press this morning.

MR. KERREY: Well, there was a lot to praise in the Afghan War. A lot to praise in the Afghan War. And it's been--you know, John Kerry and I and all of us, George Bush included, were changed by 9/11.
Actually John Kerry said, "It [9/11] didn't change me much at all." So who is wrong, dumb (Kerry) or dumber (Kerrey)?

MR. RUSSERT: Saddam Hussein was not a terrorist?

MR. KERREY: No, Saddam Hussein was not a terrorist.

MR. RUSSERT: But he sent the homicide bombers, paid for them in Israel.

Nebraskans must be nearly as retarded as people from Massachussets. This is the subhuman sewage who represented Nebraskans in the Senate? Bob Kerrey belongs in jail or in a grave, not on Meet The Press.


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