Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerry's 9/11 Selfishness

According to the New York Times, video of John Kerry captured on 9/11 and shown in the BBC documentary "Clear the Skies," shows how John Kerry behaved immediately after the second plane hit the World Trade Center: Kerry's Undeclared War. (Hat tip: charmingtail)

As New York and Washington were under attack on Sept. 11, 2001, a film crew happened to come upon John Kerry leaving the Capitol. The brief moment of footage, included in a BBC documentary called ''Clear the Skies,'' tells us something, perhaps, about Kerry in a crisis. The camera captures Congressional aides and visitors, clearly distraught and holding onto one another, streaming down the back steps of the Capitol building in near panic, following the bellowed instructions of anxious police. Off to one side of the screen, there is Kerry, alone, his long legs carrying him calmly down the steps, his neck craning toward the sky, as if he were watching a gathering rainstorm.
But BushCountry.Org doesn't paint such a rosy picture: Websites Claim BBC 9/11 Documentary Shows Kerry "Selfishly" And "Cowardly" "Bolting" From Capital.

Bush Country was forwarded comments that one of our readers had forwarded to Fox News after watching a scathing video segment from a BBC 9/11 documentary that apparently showed John Kerry franticly sprinting out of the Capital building on 9/11 leaving others to fend for themselves.


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