Thursday, October 21, 2004

Knesset Speaker: Sharon Is A Traitor

Rivlin: Sharon is Not Loyal to the Land of Israel

"I read the Disengagement Plan... and I was sickened" Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin wrote in a letter sent today to 3,000 Likud Party Central Committee members. "Dozens of clauses with the cumulative purpose of uprooting everything," he warned, "The Disengagement law will yet be applied, God forbid, to the expanses of Judea, to the lands of Binyamin, to all of Samaria, and, yes, to Jerusalem as well. He who declares himself an occupier in Gush Katif will not be able to stop the retreat there."

MK Rivlin further wrote: "The Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and those senior Likud figures supporting Disengagement are not loyal to the Land of Israel, nor to the principles of the Likud." He expressed disappointment that the Disengagement Plan is being promoted "by someone sitting in the chair of Menachem Begin."

"In the name of what ideology will we again ask for the people's trust?" Mr. Rivlin asked of his fellow party members, regretting that the movement does not examine the loyalty to the Land of Israel and to Likud principles of its prospective leaders.

The Knesset Speaker explained that he sees the Disengagement plan as the primary litmus test for the leaders of the Likud - with a vote in favor being proof of their failure.


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