Thursday, October 21, 2004

Muslims Fire Anti-Tank Missile At Israeli School Bus

B'Ezrat HaShem (with the help of God): The Anti-Tank Missile Missed The School Bus. Another miracle proving that the LORD God is the one true God and Satan's Archdemon Allah is a born loser.

Arab terrorists fired an anti-tank missile this afternoon at a school bus traveling in the vicinity of the Jewish town of Morag, in the Gaza region. In what was described as a "miracle", the missile totally missed the bus. Simultaneous with the missile strike, the terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons. There were no injuries to Israelis in the attack.

Terrorists have carried out similar combined ambushes in the past, which have proved quite fatal. Most notably, two combination attacks on a passenger bus near Emanuel (in 2002 and 2001) in the Shomron, and another on a school bus from Kfar Darom (in 2001) killed 19 people, many of them children.


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