Saturday, October 30, 2004

Radical Bush Vs. Reactionary Kerry

I consider myself both radical and reactionary and have no problem with either label, but here's an excellent piece highlighting Bush's 9/11 mentality and Kerry's 9/10 mentality: Radical Bush vs. reactionary Kerry. (Hat tip: Roger L. Simon)

Kerry is a liberal Democrat, but in this campaign he is running as a reactionary: one who wants to reverse course -- to go back to the attitudes and practices that guided US policy when Clinton and the elder George Bush were in office. The younger Bush may be a Republican, but he is running this year as a radical. Profoundly transformed by 9/11, he sees the old playbook as feckless and is set on a revolutionary new course.

Kerry's words confirm his Sept. 10 mindset. Asked by The New York Times this month how 9/11 changed him, he replied: "It didn't change me much at all."


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