Saturday, October 16, 2004

Russia Completes Bushehr Reactor

Russia Finishes Construction of Bushehr Nuclear Plant in Iran.

Russia and Iran said on Thursday they had finished construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in the Islamic Republic — a project the United States fears Tehran could use to make nuclear arms.

“We’re done,” Reuters quoted a spokesman for Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency (RosAtom). “All we need to do now is work out an agreement on sending spent fuel back to Russia.”
Iran says they will go ahead with nuclear weapons no matter what, but the West still wants to negotiate. Meanwhile Israel is making plans to destroy the facility: Israeli warning.

The talks come amid a mood of some desperation among Western policy makers over Iran's nuclear programme.

Efforts to get Iran to abandon its enrichment activities have been a failure so far, yet prospects of imposing effective sanctions on Iran through the UN Security Council are uncertain to say the least.

And in the background there is the constant rumble of Israeli comments that Iran represents a threat that must be dealt with, possibly by a military strike.

The latest Israeli warning came in a report from the Tel Aviv think-tank, the Jaffee Centre for Strategic Studies.

Its deputy head Ephraim Kam said: "There is a logic to operating against Iran. Just taking out the facilities that are known would create a serious degradation of the Iranian potential."


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