Thursday, October 07, 2004

Suicide Bombers Attack Egyptian Hotel, Muslims Celebrate

DebkaFile has reported suicide bombings at an Egyptian hotel killng 35 people (Via LGF).

Scores of injured Israelis, some carrying wounded children, are making their way from burning Taba hotel on Egyptian side of border to border terminal. Egyptian police refuse to let them pass through to Israel because their passports left in rooms of devastated hotel. Western part of building has caved in. Israel’s Homeland Command takes charge of crisis. Air Force on call.

Bomb car suspected of blasting hotel full of Israeli families causing large number of casualties, including fatalities. They were left untended in pitch dark because Egyptian border police refused to let fleet of Israeli ambulances and rescue teams on emergency call to cross in from Israel.
Of course immediately afterwards celebrations erupted throughout the Islamic and Arab world: Massive bomb attacks on Taba Hilton, other Sinai resorts: 35 dead, 125 injured.

There are reportedly street celebrations in Gaza and in Cairo.


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