Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Teacher Kicked Out Of School For Displaying Presidential Photo

Hundredpercenter: Teacher Wrongly Expelled.

Shiba Pillai-Diaz (teacher) was kicked out of Crossroads Middle School in Monmouth Junction on Friday, October 1st, for displaying a photo on a classroom bulletin board of our current President George W. Bush.

Pillai-Diaz, sadly, has become a victim of left wing animosity, was asked about the photo, she said:"having the picture up wasn't in any way political.He's the current president. The picture was sent to my fourth-grade class last year."

The controversy started when several left wing, indoctrinated, students said "you like George Bush? He's killed people." Soon after, during a back-to-school night, several parents challenged the teacher demanding that she either add John Kerry's photo to the montage of presidents or remove the Bush photo.

What the parents failed to grasp is that George Bush is our President and John Kerry is simply a candidate. Within a historical context, there is an obvious distinction between the two.

Nevertheless, the parents proceeded to complain to Asst.Principal Mark Daniels. He confronted Pillai-Diaz and told her,"if you care about your job, you'll take the picture down."Feeling wronged, Pillai-Diaz went to Principal Dr. Jim Warfel for some support. Warfel responded to her saying,"you have caused more disruption to this school and to these students with your partisanship and your hatred and your inflammatory ways. Get yourself and get out of the building."

Following her encounter with the Bush bashing partisans at Crossroads Middle school, she went to discuss the matter with Superintendent Gary McCartney and a representative from the teachers' union. However, both told Pillai-Diaz that she would lose any fight to keep the photo on the wall, next to the Declaration of Independence. The teacher said, regarding her meeting,"they weren't interested in the substance of the issue."

Democrats dominate South Brunswick's government, holding the Mayor's Office and three of the four council seats.


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