Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tehran John

Joseph Farah: Tehran John.

And now John Kerry is at it again.

Now he is advocating establishing relations with the terrorist regime of Iran – even going so far as to propose giving Tehran the nuclear fuel it seeks as a "test" to determine the mullahs' sincerity about using it only for peaceful purposes.

I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone because, despite this incredible history and these dangerous positions Kerry holds today, nearly half of U.S. voters want to elect him president of the United States.

Whether the United States provides Iran with nuclear fuel or not, one thing is certain: The regime intends to build nuclear weapons as fast as it possibly can. That terrorist nation, one of three singled out by President Bush as "the axis of evil," will soon be capable of hurling nuclear weapons at Israel – or even London and Berlin. It would also be capable of putting those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists who could bring them directly to the United States.

When Kerry proposed in the first presidential debate this insane idea of providing nuclear fuel to Iran, I really thought he had perhaps just made some terrible gaffe. However, it is the official policy of his campaign, according to the Kerry website.


Yes, once again, Kerry is doing what he always does – what he has done ever since he came to the attention of the American people in 1971 and, in fact, what first brought him to the attention of the American people.

He is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

But, this time, the enemy is not a group of communists in black pajamas with conventional weapons. This time, the enemy is a soon-to-be nuclear-armed jihadist nation with one goal in mind – destroying the "Great Satan," otherwise known as the United States of America.


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