Sunday, October 17, 2004

Tim Russert Learns About Iran

Meet The Press Transcript.

MR. RUSSERT: If the Iraqis choose to have a fundamentalist Islamic regime, would that be acceptable?

REP. DeMINT: Well, they need a democratic government and if they choose, whatever their leaders are, they're going to choose that, and I think the president supports them setting up the government that they want, but we just need to make sure it's a democratic, accountable government, and that they can defend themselves against terrorists.

MR. RUSSERT: But if they vote for an Islamic republic like Iran, that's their vote, we would accept that?

REP. DeMINT: Well, that's not a democracy if it's like Iran. It needs to be an accountable government and they're going to have elections and they're going to have an accountable democratic government.

MR. RUSSERT: So we would resist the will of the Iraqi people?

REP. DeMINT: That--we wouldn't--no, if they get a chance to vote, Tim, they would not be voting to set up a regime like they have in Iran where they don't have a vote.


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