Friday, October 15, 2004

U.S. Army Muslims Question Loyalty

Trapped between duty and devotion - the US army's Muslims (Hat tip: LGF)

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Abdel Rachid Muhammad, the US army's first ever imam, shared the first day of Ramadan with a handful of soldiers torn between their religion, which forbids most killing, and duty to their country.

"It is very difficult for a Muslim to be here with a weapon. There's no pride in killing," said the 51-year-old religious leader, dressed in the army uniform.

But in a mark of his singularity, Sheikh Muhammad has his name in Arabic sewn onto his shirt pocket -- even though this son of American Baptists who converted at the age of 15 knows only the Arabic of the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

In Iraq for the past eight months, the imam said he had really wanted to meet religious Iraqis and "go to Friday prayers in a local mosque", an impossible dream given the problems of security.

"It is very hard to be Muslim and American here," said the father of seven children.
The Quran actually commands Muslims to kill all non-Muslims and kill any apostates who don't kill non-Muslims.


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