Sunday, October 24, 2004

Westboro Baptist On Mary Cheney

Fred Phelps comments on Mary Cheney: WBC to picket dyke Mary Cheney.

WBC to picket dyke Mary Cheney at Conifer, CO, in religious protest to Cheney's sinful influence, and demand that she repent, quit her "partner"

Mary Cheney -- Dick Cheney's evil dyke daughter -- is now a poster girl for the militant fag/dyke agenda, with enormous media power and influence to lead young people to Hell in droves. The Washington Post 8/6/00 says "she leads a quiet, openly lesbian life with her partner of about five years...in Conifer, Colo." (See, below). Her life is no longer quiet. Fag propaganda mills -- with the eager help of all media outlets -- are grinding out Satan's black gospel, featuring Mary Cheney, with their same old lying Luciferian theme: It's OK to be gay.

Old-time Gospel preachers must be heard! It's NOT OK to be gay! Repent!

Mary Cheney and her parents are lying! They are headed for Hell for all eternity, and they will take you with them if you heed their lies. That filthy, sinful conduct will destroy the life, damn the soul, and destroy any nation tolerating it. Mary Cheney must repent and give up her "vile affections" arrangement with her "partner." A female eunuch? OK. Better than eternal perdition. Christ said it. Matt. 19:12.

Better to be a female eunuch than a Hell-bound dyke. God is not mocked. Repent or perish.


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