Wednesday, November 24, 2004

America, Israel Prepare Possible Military Strike On Iran

Chaim Ben Pesach: JTF Exclusive: America, Israel Prepare Possible Military Strike On Iran.

With U.S. and Israeli intelligence now possessing irrefutable evidence that Muslim terrorist Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons, contingency plans for possible U.S. or Israeli air strikes on Iran's nuclear bomb-making facilities have been drawn up in detail.

Well-placed sources in Israeli intelligence and in the Israeli Air Force - who are deeply concerned about Israel's continuing inaction in the face of the Iranian nuclear terrorist threat - have provided JTF's right-wing allies in Israel with detailed information on the military contingency plans of both Washington and Jerusalem.

In Washington, some officials at the Pentagon are urging the Bush Administration to order U.S. air strikes on Iran's nuclear bomb-making program now before it is too late.

Unfortunately, President Bush has instead decided to allow Britain, France and Germany to negotiate with the Iranian terrorist regime, which enables the Iranian ayatollahs to buy more time as they race toward the development of nuclear weapons.

In Israel, many Israeli intelligence and military officials believe that the Jewish State should preemptively strike Iran's nuclear bomb factories immediately. There is a growing fear that unless the Israeli Air Force acts quickly, Iran may be able to develop nuclear weapons within months.

However, left-wing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has proven that he will do nothing unless he receives permission from Bush.

Bush has thus far told Israel not to eliminate the Iranian nuclear terrorist threat.

Nevertheless, frustrated U.S. and Israeli military officials have drawn up detailed contingency plans for air strikes - in the hope that they will finally be given the orders to destroy Iran's nuclear reactors, factories and laboratories.

Each week brings overwhelming new evidence of a massive Iranian program to develop nuclear bombs.

The evidence is so indisputable that even left-wing Secretary of State Colin Powell last week told reporters that Iran is attempting to adapt medium and long-range missiles for the delivery of nuclear bombs.

"I have seen information that they not only have the missiles but are working to put the two together," Powell said.

Since Powell has long advocated diplomacy, rather than military force, in dealing with the nuclear threats of terrorist regimes like Iran and Communist North Korea, his alarming remarks startled reporters.

JTF's Israeli sources believe that Powell was referring to the Iranian ballistic missile system Shehab-4.

Even the cowardly European appeasers made it clear last week that they have no doubt that terrorist Iran is working to develop nuclear weapons. The Europeans said that they hope to persuade the fanatical Iranian mullahs to change their minds about creating terrorist nuclear bombs.

Several weeks ago, Iran's Parliament unanimously passed a resolution calling upon Iran's leaders to continue to develop the enriched uranium needed to build nuclear weapons.

After the resolution passed, the entire Iranian Parliament rose to their feet and chanted repeatedly and continuously, for half an hour, "Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!"

Iranian Parliament members openly gloated over the fact that they would soon have the ability to murder millions of Americans and/or Israelis.

One foolish aspect of the Pentagon contingency plan is that it calls for not only destroying Iran's nuclear bomb-making facilities, but also for overthrowing Iran's terrorist regime.

If Iran's terrorist regime is overthrown, any new Iranian regime that replaces it will also seek nuclear bombs. All Iranians - including those opposed to the current regime - favor the development of Iranian nuclear weapons as a matter of national and Islamic pride.

For many years before Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, the Shah of Iran also had an active program to develop atomic bombs.

Overthrowing the Iranian regime will accomplish nothing and is actually impractical. The many problems that the U.S. has encountered in Iraq are a mere fraction of what would await a U.S. occupation force in Iran:

* Iraq's population is 25 million; Iran's population is 68 million.

* Iran's land mass is four times the size of Iraq's.

* Iran is more developed technologically than was Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

The "neo-conservatives" who insisted that bringing "liberation" and "democracy" to Iraq would end the Islamic terrorist threat there, are now making the very same flawed arguments in regard to Iran.

"Liberating" or "democratizing" Islamic countries will never end the desire of Muslims to fulfill their Koranic obligation to conquer the world for Allah and to exterminate all non-Muslim "infidels."

In the short term, the only way to deal with the Islamic nuclear terrorist threat is to destroy all Iranian nuclear reactors, laboratories and factories through deep penetration bombing runs carried out by the U.S. or Israeli Air Force.

Invading or occupying Iran with U.S. ground forces would be insane.

In the long term, the only answer to the threat of Islamic terrorist nuclear holocaust is to begin a crash program for U.S. energy independence. If the U.S. develops alternative fuels to oil, and develops cars and trucks that run without gasoline, the entire world will be able to live without oil imports from Islamic terrorist nations such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya.

Without their massive oil revenues, the Muslims are a joke militarily, economically and technologically. Even their huge current population boom would come to a crashing halt if they did not have the petrodollars needed to prevent them from literally starving to death.


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