Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Blog Ukraine


Right now, in Ukraine, we are witnessing a genuine democratic revolution against the post-Soviet status quo, with hundreds of thousands of ordinary people refusing to allow an election to be stolen by kleptocratic thugs.

And who is celebrating this spontaneous, powerful and entirely progressive uprising? The Right, and no one but the Right. The good news is being blasted out of Kiev by conservative bloggers (particularly the married couple "Tulipgirl" and "Discoshaman") and promoted by conservative bloggers stateside.

Bloggers on the Left largely greeted the uprising with skeptical distance and worry. Because the president offered his moral support to the uprising, obsessively anti-Bush commentators seem reflexively to be skeptical of it.

This democratic uprising follows by only a few months the democratic triumph in Afghanistan — a world-historical event that seemed to disappoint the Left because it went well.

And now, in 63 days, we'll see an election in Iraq for the purpose of selecting the officials who will be responsible for drafting a new democratic constitution for the country. To prepare the way for this astonishingly hopeful event, dozens of brave Americans lost their lives over the past weeks destroying the insurgent base of operations inside Fallujah.

And how is the Left reacting? With the same bleak, defeatist, fearful and pessimistic affect that impaired its ability to recognize the importance of the Afghan election and the vital power of the Ukrainian revolt.


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