Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Chaim Ben Pesach On Bush And Specter

If not for Bush's support in the Pennsylvania GOP primary, Specter would certainly have been defeated by his conservative Republican opponent

Chaim Ben Pesach: A Brief Commentary On The Presidential Election.

The reelection of President Bush means four more years of the same failed left-wing policies.

We endorsed Bush solely as the lesser of the two evils because it was clear that as bad as Bush is, John Kerry would have been even worse.

Bush was a disastrous President in his first term, and we predict that he will be even more disastrous during the next four years.

We urged that left-wing Republican Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania be defeated for reelection. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania voters thought otherwise.

We correctly predicted that Specter - who is next in line to become chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee - would work to block pro-life and conservative judicial appointments.

Surely enough, on the day immediately after the election, Specter warned Bush not to nominate pro-life judges.

Let this be a lesson to all true conservatives.

Bush endorsed Specter and campaigned for him in the Republican U.S. Senate primary when Specter was being challenged by a conservative Congressman. Specter beat the conservative challenger in the GOP primary by a razor-thin margin of only 50.6% to 49.4%. Without Bush's very active and public support, Specter would certainly have lost the primary, and Pennsylvania would probably be represented today by a conservative Republican Senator.

Bush thought Specter would attract "moderate" (left-wing) voters to the Republican Party, thereby enabling Bush to carry Pennsylvania. The strategy was a complete flop.

Bush lost Pennsylvania and now has to deal with the disgusting Bolshevik Specter, who will work with the Democrats to undermine the Republican agenda.

The moral of the story?

Bush is not a conservative, Bush is not a man of principle, and Bush cannot be trusted.

Real conservatives should organize now to take over the Republican Party in time for the 2008 Presidential elections.

In the meanwhile, we should push our agenda as much as possible with the new Congress: a crash program for U.S. energy independence; U.S. or Israeli Air Force strikes against terrorist Iran's nuclear bomb-making factories; no U.S. pressure on Israel; and an end to all U.S. foreign aid to all countries.


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