Monday, November 01, 2004

Encyclopaedia Discombobula Reviews Modern Crusader

Last week Encyclopaedia Discombobula wrote a review of Modern Crusader. Needless to say the aptly named Ben Hellmann is a legal moron.

Modern Crusader provides a clearer and more compact index of ultraright obsessive hysteria than even the execrable Free Republic. (Not surprisingly, this page is related to the brief survey of conspiracy thinking I wrote a few weeks back, with links to the Knights Of Malta.) While I can find hours of titillation reading the fruits of extreme Xian paranoia, one post stood out as being worthy of comment, as it illustrates the scope of the delusion. ...

Unfortunately, we know that Bush supporters are impervious to facts and conclusions derived from critical thinking. If a person believes in Satan, -- not in the LaVey Satan-as-metaphor sense, but in the Bible-thumping sense -- Satan as an active entity guiding persons to attack the United States, they are psychotic. I'm not being hyperbolic for comic effect. That perception of world events is a form of psychosis, period. Now, let this sink in: These psychotics are in our country in large numbers, and they vote.

If you're inclined to spend a dollar or 20 to combat the political forces that capitalize on the psychosis, getting rid of Tom Delay is a good place to start.


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