Sunday, November 07, 2004

French Guilty Of War Crimes In Ivory Coast

The latest reports from French-occupied Ivory Coast indicate that the unilateral French colonial occupation forces massacred dozens of innocent unarmed civilians in cold blooded imperialist racism. BBC: French 'killed Ivorian civilians'.

Parliament speaker Mamadou Coulibaly said the French had killed 30 people and wounded more than 100 in the main cities of Abidjan and Yamassoukro.

The French have denied this - saying they fired warning shots on protesters near Abidjan airport and a French base.

French citizens were attacked after French forces destroyed five Ivorian government aircraft.
What are the illegal racist imperialist French colonial occupation forces doing in Ivory Coast?


UPDATE: We're expecting France to surrender to Ivory Coast any moment now.

UPDATE: France Deploys Major [Occupation] Force in Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast will ask the U.N. Security Council for action against France, presidential spokesman Desire Tagro said. "We are faced with aggression by one country against another country. We are going to inform the entire world … that France has come to attack us."


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