Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Germany Warns It Will Close Mosques

Following up yesterday's post on German Imams spewing hate speech is Moody Adams: GERMANY WARNS IT WILL CLOSE MOSQUES.

Muslims face possible closure of mosques, exporting of clerics, no preaching in Arabic, monitoring of their sermons and limited Arab immigration.

The fear that the fires of Islamic violence in the Netherlands could spread to Germany, warrant these measures.

German Interior Minister Otto Schily says his country will take tougher action against Islamic “hate preachers” in the future, and expel them from the country if necessary.

He added that mosques in which militant preachers had been active could face closure, and that everything should be done to prevent "parallel societies" emerging and becoming established,” according to Reuters.

Anetta Schavan, a powerful regional education minister seen as the leader of the Christian Democrats, says, “We must now consider legal steps to ensure that German is spoken in mosques and in Koran schools.” This makes it easier for plain-clothed policemen to monitor mosques’ activities.

Germany sent TV reporters to question young Muslims about the killing of Mr. Van Gogh who produced a film depicting how Muslims beat their wives in accord with the Koran. Their program shocked the nation when Muslim youth in a Cologne street market supported the attack. “If you insult Islam, you have to pay,” was a typical response.

Bassam Tibi, Germany’s leading expert on Islamic affairs, said, “If we don’t do more to integrate foreigners then Germany will face the civil war-like conditions that are emerging in Holland,” the professor said. Germany has a rapid growing community of three million Muslims.

Germany has already banned the traditional Muslim call because it violates noise pollution rules.

Local councils are questioning future building permits for new mosques being added to the 700 in the country.

Germany has discovered the mosques, with their Koranic teachings, are the real source of Muslim terrorism. How long will it take America to track terrorism to its root?

Tolerance will not work with an intolerant religion which kills those who criticize it.


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