Monday, November 01, 2004

Hitchens: Slate Incompetence

Christopher Hitchens wrote that he was being ironic, but apparently the idiot Michael Kinsley and the rest of the Slate ideologues took that as an endorsement for the traitor and self-proclaimed war criminal John Kerry. Anyway, here's the beef:

Hitchens: My Endorsement and Osama's Video

There are some not-so-cryptic elements in the latest sermon that have escaped attention. First, the open—and repeated—endorsement of collusion with Saddamists. This is stated twice. It is no less suggestive for being coupled with forceful attacks on the "infidel" ideology of "the socialists." Notwithstanding their deformities, says Bin Laden, "there will be no harm if the interests of Muslims converge with the interest of the socialists in the fight against the crusaders." This will not, of course, embarrass those who continue to believe that cooperation between "secular" Baathists and Islamists is improbable by definition. Nothing embarrasses such ideologues; neither the invocation of jihad by Saddamists nor the solidarity with embattled Baathists expressed by Bin Laden.

Then there is the prospective list of countries to be liberated by holy war. In the order given, these are "Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen." The last two on the list are old hat: Bin Laden is of part-Yemeni origin, and his loathing for the Saudi regime is notorious. It might also be assumed that he detests the Pakistani authorities, since they have assisted, however grudgingly, in his ignominious eviction from Afghanistan. Nigeria is of interest, because it is now only in the early throes of an attack by fundamentalist thugs who seek to impose sharia law on all Muslims and on a huge number of non-Muslims as well. You may remember their attempt to stone to death Amina Lawal, for her crime of having given birth to a baby. One might want to pay attention to this additional warning, of an attempt to turn a near-failed state (with large oil resources) into a full-fledged rogue one.


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