Friday, November 12, 2004

Leftist Incitement To Civil War II

Pull On Superman's Cape: Heard on Michael Medved today. (Hat tip Ace)

Michael was talking about Post Election Selection Syndrome today and talked about the assault on the young Apple Valley man in Minnesota.

Michael invited Democratic callers to talk about how they were feeling. After a call or so, he got a guy named Mike on the phone that said "not only do I condone the attack that happened, I applaud it and hope that it happens everywhere." He further stated that he hoped there would be a "complete Civil War between Democrats and Republicans" and began spouting 'Mooreisms' about the Bush dynasty, war for oil, etc.

I think Medved was genuinely taken back for a moment, then asked "Who do you think have more guns, Republicans or Democrats?" Mike answered him "You'd be surprised at what we have." ...

As I have already pointed out, no prominent Democrat has publically called for an end to this escalation of violence and threats of violence. The party that uses hate to describe its opponents of appeasement in foreign affairs has spawned thugs to carry out its hate domestically.


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