Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Let The Healing Begin

Let the Healing Begin.

First, keep in mind that this was a very narrow defeat, and could have gone either way with the right breaks. John Kerry would be planning his inaugural today if his campaign had not made a couple of strategic blunders, such as not getting people to vote for John Kerry.

Next, you've got to stop all this crazy talk about "suicide" and "that's it, I'm moving to Canada." C'mon people, just stop it!. Why? Because you are Americans too, and Americans are known for action, that's why! If you ever expect other Americans to treat you as a serious political force, you've got to get up off your duff, can all that jibber-jabber, and get cracking on the U-Hauls and tragic carbon-monoxide incidents, Mister Big Talk.

Keep in mind that following a crushing election defeat, any political movement is going to face a bloody period of disarray and intraparty power struggles. When the inevitable recriminations, purges, and cannibalism start up, remember -- it's not personal.

Above all, don't give into those negative urges to feel sorry for yourself, or to drive to the nearest Evangelical stadium church and relentlessly hack all the Biblethumping Bush freaks to death with a hatchet. This only brings you down to their level. For a great stress reliever, why not go to Perkins for a slice of their delicious pie? Pecan a la mode is my favorite.

Want some good news? With the election finally over, it will be easier than ever to get the word out about the illegitimate Bush Regime. Just this morning I was at Barnes & Noble, and they're running a great $0.39 per pound special on anti-Bush books! They make great stocking stuffers, and there's over 500 titles to choose from.

Lesson for the day: learn from your mistakes. Get together with other progressives, and have a candid discussion about what went wrong -- and why, and how, and where. Record these mistakes, and organize them with a program like Lotus Notes. Next, email them to Terry McAuliffe so he can put them in the next volume of his indexed archives.

Just like in baseball, more games are won with hustle than with power. In the next election, you should pledge to get out there early and explain to twice as many voters how Bush planned 9-11 and is building secret Gay concentration camps in Utah. Volume counts too, so make sure you scream these facts extra-loud next time, especially to old people.


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