Friday, November 05, 2004

Muslim Students Attack College Republicans, Threaten Suicide Bombings

Lee Kaplan: Intifada Against College Republicans.

San Francisco, November 1, 2004- A mob of Arab students at San Francisco State University attacked a group of College Republicans on the San Francisco State University campus at noon today during a “Turnout the Vote” event in front of the campus student union building.

Derek Wray, President of the SFSU College Republicans, told Front Page Magazine that an angry mob of Palestinian [sic] students attacked the club’s table, as well as individual members of the Republican club who were handing out pro-Bush/Cheney campaign materials. According to Wray, campus police were nearby, but “just stood around watching and, instead of protecting the College Republican students from the mob that was pouring drinks on our table and materials, and even physically assaulting our members, only suggested that the campus Republicans leave rather than arrest those responsible for the violence.”

Wray said the incident began when four Palestinian [sic] women from the General Union of Palestinian [sic] Students (GUPS) on the S.F. State campus approached the CRs’ table and began a verbal tirade. “You and the Jews want to kill all the Muslims!” one screamed at Wray. “You and Ariel Sharon want to kill innocent Palestinian [sic] babies.” A larger crowd of male Arab students then joined in creating a threatening mob in front of the table.

“When one of the Republican students asked one of the women that if she hated America so much, why she didn’t leave, she screamed at him ‘I have some pride. I would strap a bomb on myself and blow myself up as a suicide bomber rather than call myself an American,’”according to Wray. He said the woman also ranted that terrorists are “freedom fighters.”

One woman said she’d blow up the College Republicans on campus,” Wray continued. “They began throwing food at us and even tried to tip over our table.” The campus police did nothing. Instead of separating them from our table, they kept pulling me aside and asking if we were willing to leave.”

One of the Arab women even began hitting one of the male college Republicans who deflected her blows with his arms. “She got right into his face screaming and trying to hit him. When he deflected one of her blows she then yelled to the male Arabs present that the Republican student was hitting a woman.” This is a tactic used frequently in demonstrations lately, where pro-Palestinian [sic] demonstrators send women in to physically assault demonstrators from opposing groups then claim that women are being attacked when they are physically stopped by victims.

The GUPS on the S.F State campus wield considerable political control over the student government there. They have had a private office in the Student Union building on campus with a PLO flag painted on the door for the last fifteen years while other campus clubs go begging for office space. In addition, Jewish groups have been completely shut out from having any presence in the student union building, let alone office space.


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