Monday, November 01, 2004

Oil-For-Food Program Murders 4 In Tel Aviv

Arutz Sheva: Suicide Terrorist Strikes Tel Aviv Market; 4 Dead.

A [Muslim] suicide terrorist entered Tel Aviv’s crowded Carmel Vegetable Market and detonated his charge just after 11:15 AM near a vegetable stand. Four people were murdered in the attack.

Four to six people are reportedly in serious condition as a result of the blast while some 30 others were moderately and lightly wounded.

A vegetable stand owner in the Carmel market named Rami told reporters:
“We heard a loud explosion, and people started fleeing. After a few minutes, the security and emergency medical forces arrived, and they began evacuating the wounded.”

Another vegetable stand owner Yair Levy said: “After the blast, we left our stands and ran towards the scene of the attack to see how we could help. Some people had gone into shock, and the first thing we did was evacuate them from the area in case another blast was to go off. We do not fear coming to work here. Life must continue. We have no complaints against the police or their work.”

Both Arabs and Jews work side by side in the Carmel vegetable market.

The terrorist targeted the southern part of the market near the intersection of Ramban and HaCarmel streets. Based on the damages caused to the vicinity, eye-witnesses are saying that the explosive device was not a medium-sized one. A Bomb Squad expert said that the crowded and closed-in nature of the market vicinity intensified the effect of the explosion.

The cellular phone systems in the area have collapsed.

The Prime Minister was in the Knesset plenum at the time of the attack participating in a discussion of his planned dismantling of Jewish towns in Gaza and Northern Samaria and their transfer to Arab rule. He was apprised of the attack in the midst of the Knesset debate by way of a note passed to him from his aides.

No terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, police surmise at this stage that the suicide bomber belongs to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror gang. Police believe that the terrorist left for the attack from Shechem, 30 miles northeast of Tel Aviv.
Funding for today's PFLP terrorist attack was brought to you by Saddam Hussein and the United Nations. Hat tip: Roger L. Simon.


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