Monday, November 22, 2004

Pentagon Surrenders To Domestic Enemies

Joseph Farah: Pentagon surrenders to America's Taliban.

I'm not sure the U.S. Defense Department has the stomach for winning the war on Islamic terrorists.

If the Pentagon is going to surrender to the likes of the judicial terrorists of the American Civil Liberties Union – legalistic jackals who reserve their brand of jihad for the courtrooms of America – how can we expect the U.S. military forces to defeat people willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause?

This is the disturbing question raised by the Defense Department's decision to cave in, capitulate, appease and accommodate the relentless junkyard dogs of the ACLU in their lawsuit to force the Boy Scouts off U.S. military bases.

In many ways, the ACLU represents America's version of the Taliban – the first adversary we faced in this war against Islamic terrorism. Like the Taliban, the ACLU attempts to impose its narrow view of the world on the rest of us. They don't do it by trying to win elections. They do it by coercive force, by relying on rulings of mullahs in black robes, by getting the government to back their edicts with armed might.
UPDATE: Also see ACLU Delenda Est.


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