Thursday, November 11, 2004

Protest Warrior Interviewed By Front Page

Liberty Rising. (Hat tip: Alan)

FP: Mr. Lipton, Mr. Alfia refers to the “savage animosity” toward Israel. What explains it? This is the only democracy in the Middle East. It’s the only country in the region where Arabs are allowed to vote. Why doesn’t the media devote its criticism toward the cultures in the region that practise honor killings and violate women’s, homosexuals’ and minority rights – all the values that liberals supposedly cherish?

Lipton: That's a question I've thought long and hard about. It's ironic that if there was ever a country that almost made socialism look good, it was Israel, and yet the Left despises Israel while they excuse atrocities on the part of her Islamo-fascist enemies. I think fundamentally what it comes down to is that the miracle of Israel doesn't fit their paradigm. Israel made the desert bloom with freedom, and the contrast between what they have done and what the Arabs have done is so blinding, that somehow there must be some nefarious reason behind it all. Ultimately it may be based on anti-theism, in that if Israel is destroyed or rendered immoral, then the God of the Bible cannot exist. ...

FP: Mr. Lipton, why do you think the Left is so totalitarian?

Lipton: It's because they are the true religious fanatics, and their religion is secular humanism. Since they're so intellectually bankrupt, they can only survive by demonizing their opponents and shroud themselves in this moral certainty that they're so right that any means are justified in pursuit of their goals. Some of them may mean well, although I'm starting to have my doubts even about that, but it's only after their ideas have totally taken over a society, and all around them is devastation and death camps, do they then scream "but this isn't what we wanted!" They never learn a thing from history though, sad to say. In fact the more their creed is discredited by world events, the more hateful and venomous they become.
You can watch the movie here: yes we're movie stars.


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