Friday, November 12, 2004

Real Muslims Slaughter So-Called "Moderate" Muslims

U.S. Tries To Corner Fallujah Insurgents. (Hat tip: Clarkent)

In the industrial area on Fallujah's south side, residents said Thursday that the bodies of 20 foreign fighters had been found outside a truck repair shop, many killed by a single shot to the head. Insurgents native to Fallujah said the foreigners were executed for deserting their positions when the U.S.-led assault on the city began Monday night.
Enclave set to fall.

In one street, marines found a body with its feet hacked off and a young man in a house with a bullet in his chest.

"My belief is that hard-core insurgents are executing insurgents that don't want to pursue the fight against multinational forces," Captain Drew McNulty said.
US marines find underground prison, bodies in Fallujah.

FALLUJAH, Iraq (AFP) - US marines uncovered an underground prison in Fallujah containing at least two bodies and two emaciated brothers who were still alive, an intelligence officer, who refused to be identified, told AFP.

The prison was discovered in a house in the Jolan neighbourhood, considered the insurgent nerve centre in the city. Marines were clearing the building after it was shelled by the US military when they were alerted by screaming.

At the back of the house, one of many they were shooting at with hundreds of rounds or firing at with mortars Friday, the troops opened a door and found a barred prison with three cells below.

An AFP reporter who entered the house saw two corpses covered in ash, and two men, who were apparently mentally handicapped and had yelled themselves hoarse, were led from the building by marines.

Inside, one of the bodies was riddled with bullet holes and had clearly been executed. The other may have been that of a man who died in shelling by US-led forces, the officer said.

"It looks like an execution chamber or something," one marine said.


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