Monday, November 08, 2004

Revenge In The Netherlands

Muslim school bombed in Netherlands. (Via LGF)

Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nov. 8 (UPI) -- A powerful bomb gutted a Muslim school in the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven Monday, another in a recent series of anti-Muslim acts, the BBC reported.

There were no injuries in the blast, but a police spokesman said the explosion was powerful enough to blow out windows from neighboring buildings.

Mosques in several Dutch cities have been targeted by vandals and failed arsonists in what police believe are revenge attacks since the murder last week of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by suspected Islamic militants.

In the past three days, attacks against Muslim targets were reported in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Huizen.
HaShem yikom damo. May God avenge Theo's blood.

Dutch Muslim school attacked.

Vandals threw red paint Saturday night on a center in Amsterdam that aids immigrants, many of them Muslim. The agency, called the Emcemo Center, is located several blocks from the spot where Van Gogh was killed, and its director, Abdou Menebhi, told local television station AT5 that he believed the vandals were racists.

In the town of Huizen, police arrested two men they say were caught preparing to ignite a fire at the An-Nasr mosque Friday night, national news service NOS reported. A mosque in the city of Breda sustained minor fire damage in another reported arson attempt.

A small fire was also set at a mosque in Utrecht, police said, and a pig's head was left in a plastic bag outside a mosque in Amsterdam.

NOS reported Sunday that pamphlets with the image of a pig and a slur against Muslims were circulating in Rotterdam.


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