Monday, November 15, 2004

The Road Map To Auschwitz

Don Feder: Will Arafat Triumph from Beyond the Grave?

At the end of The Road Map -- to be presided over by the Quartet: the UN, EU, Russia and the U.S. -- lies Auschwitz.

In June 2003, Blair made it clear that, as far as Israel is concerned, there is to be "no room for discussion" of the details. The Road Map, including its implementation, will be the same as the "peace" Britain and France dictated to the Czechs at Munich.

The land reclaimed in a defensive war in 1967 (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) will be presented to the terrorists for their terrorist state. Jews living there – in Biblical Israel – will be driven from their homes, while a million Arabs will continue to live in Israel proper. To augment this fifth column, there will also be a Palestinian right-of-return, of undetermined dimensions. Thus the Jewish state will be inundated with revanchists eager to liberate the rest of "Palestine."

Israel will be given indefensible borders. The nation will lack the strategic depth necessary for survival, as any Israeli general, or U.S. general who’s visited the area, could tell you. Its existence will depend on the good will of a people nurtured on raw venom for decades, whose imams preach jihad and mothers beam with pride when their children blow themselves up killing Israelis.

Israel will be at the mercy of a people whose national product is killers who can shoot a pregnant woman in the belly, to ensure that neither she or her unborn child survives, and whose contribution to humanity is adding the phrase "suicide bomber" to the lexicon.

But, of course, the Palestinians natural bloodlust will be reformed by democracy – majority rule, civil liberties, transparency in government – the democracy that exists nowhere in the Arab, or Islamic, world.

Americans are dying to foster democracy in Iraq, while we resume pressuring Israel (the only democracy in the region) to negotiate with the same sort of people who are killing Americans in Iraq – objective: to create a state (much like Iraq under Saddam) which will destabilize and ultimately destroy the only democracy in the region.

Somewhere in the depths of Hell, Arafat is laughing.


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