Friday, November 19, 2004

Why Hindus Are Brutally Fighting Christianity


Hindus are trying to end Christianity in India through legislation and physical attacks according to a report from Christian Solidarity International.

The Hindu organization, “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh,” (RSS) sees Christianity as a threat to their caste system by teaching the equality of all people before God.

The Dalits, or “untouchables,” (members of the lowest social class, almost a quarter of the Indian population) are unable to change their social status. They spend their lives cleaning up human and animal waste, the streets, skin butchered livestock and burying the dead.

Hindus teach that the rich Brahmans are rewarded for their good conduct in a former life and the poor Dalits are being punished for their evil conduct in their former lives.

Christians are providing some of the best educational facilities in India for the lowly Dalits and this incurs the wrath of the Brahmans.

The exposure to Christianity presents the Dalits with the incredible hope of advancing their social status in this very lifetime.

In their efforts to remove Christianity from the world’s second largest country, Hindus are close to gaining political power to make Christianity illegal. CSI reports there have been over 200 brutal attacks on Christians, including:

“On November 10, a Hindu mob stopped a Christian gathering in Ryan International School in Mumbai (former Bombay). Over one hundred attackers revealed themselves as members of the "Vishwa Hindu Parishad” (Hindu World Federation) and claimed that Christians in the school tried to convert Hindus to Christianity. This incident had drastic consequences for churches without official church buildings within the area of Mumbai; before the incident, they were able to use Christian school buildings for church services, but now the doors are officially closed outside of school hours.

“On November 2, the Franciscan monastery “St. Mary of the Angels” was the object of armed robbery by Hindu extremists. The monastery is one of the oldest Christian buildings in India, found in Madras in the federal state of Tamil Nadu. The guards were left unconscious, the guard dogs sedated and telephone wires cut. The monastery’s nuns escaped from being raped by barricading themselves in a room.

“During a midnight mass in West Bengal, Hindu extremists fired into the church. Six Christians, including a ten-year-old girl, were severely injured.

“The Christian minority in India lives in the shadows of the unjust laws and unpredictable violence. The Gospel of Jesus produces justice, love and hope in the lives of people facing extinction.”


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